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We at BARC, get a lot of email and snail mail from happy pet owners after they have adopted one of our needly pets. Please take a minute and enjoy what they have to say. - BARC


Hi, Just stopping in to let you know how Niko is doing. He's such a happy boy and gets the best bed in the house every night...mine! He's full of personality and is weighing in at just under 80 pounds now, but healthy and lean, spoiled and loved. He's a bit mischievous, but hey, in his mind, he's just having fun. We love and adore Niko with all our hearts. He's a big strong 2 year old little man now and we cherish every moment we have with him. What a great addition to our family! Thanks for all you do. I'm enclosing some pix for your viewing pleasure. Stephanie M. Thoth, Graphic Designer


Hi All! I just wanted to thank BARC for helping us get Riley. I have included some photos for your viewing pleasure. He only took a couple weeks to get potty trained and now he isn't afraid of leashes either. He's pretty good with kids now (visiting kids) he plays great with strangers and other dogs. We took him this weekend to the dog beach party at B's Boathouse and he played with everyone (he's in one photo from then here, under the table, smiling). He had his first birthday and loved it, and he walks around 24-7 carrying these HUGE dog toys that are much bigger than he is and shakes his happy tail. He has stairs to get on the bed and races around with his older brother Murphy at 100 mph in the house and on our morning walks. He got a little "porky" so we switched the foods and added distance to the walks and it seems to be coming off now. He's such a happy little dude and necessary addition to our home, we are so grateful! His name has evolved into Baby bup...but we still do Riley when we need to be formal! We're so lucky! Thanks for all your good work! - The Frazee Family


Hi Everyone, my new family wanted to share with you how much I love my new home. I have a "sister" she is a cocker spaniel too, she doesn't hear too well but we are getting along just fine! The neighbor has a dog that I like to run with, that is so much fun. My new family says I am very well behaved and have fitted into my new home very well. I like to cuddle up on the sofa in the evening but as soon as someone moves I have to see what's going on, I am very nosey. I went to the groomers last week and everyone says I look very smart now, I like being groomed and often fall asleep when I get brushed. I have lots of toys but I like to play ball the most. Thanks to everyone at the shelter for looking after me and helping me find my forever home. As you can see in the picture I am taking a nap!-Bye, Harley


I adopted Ben in late Oct last year.
I have begun to expect he has some wood eating ancestors.
This is but one of his dozens of toys he piles all over the yard.- Ron



Here is a picture of Bogey a.k.a Newman.

He appears to be happy. I am VERY happy.

Thanks for everything!
- The Kaiser Family

Kaya Adopted Hello, We adopted Kaya on 4/15/09, she is not a Siberian Husky, she is an Alaskan Malamute, (her tail is a dead giveaway) and she weighs 80 lbs.

We are having the best time with her. She impresses us every day. Kaya is so well behaved and listens very well to simple commands. She loves to ride in the Truck and take long walks in the neighborhood. We can't wait to take her camping.

She does well in the house, but prefers outside. She loves to play ball and she LOVES TREATS, she will do just about anything for a treat. Thank you for our new "Little Redheaded Furry Girl", she fits perfect into our family.
- The Smith Family
HarleyHi....it's me...Harley, and I just wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of me until I was able to find my new family and forever home...They just love me, and I love them. My new brother Cooper is pretty big, but I like to play with him. I hold my own pretty well too ! We've been going for long walks and meeting other doggies and kids in the neighborhood. I love everybody ! I run around the yard and chase after balls they throw for me, bury my bones and chews, and then take a long nap. Oh it's a spoiled puppy's life that's for sure !!! Hope you like the pictures. Mom is sad because I am shaved now because the mats were impossible to comb out. I kinda like my new look...plus it makes me jump higher ! I'll send you more pictures later. Lots of Doggie Kisses, Harley... Woof !!!!!
Hi there!
We just wanted you to know how much we love our kitten, Bailee . She has
been with us since July 2008. She loves her brother, Bandit our husky mix and
her sister, Paige our border collie mix. We really think, she thinks, she is
one of them! Bailee is also fascinated by our Russian Tortoise, Tula. Bailee
is a wonderful addition to our family and feel very fortunate to have her.
She loves being in Big Bear but doesn't quite know what to make of our snow.
Thank you for having such a wonderful program!
Steve and Teresa
Ps. I have attached a picture of her a few months  back.

Pretty  Tundra! 
-With her tennis ball!
-Waking the kids
- Finally resting!
Hello!  I just wanted to take a minute to share how happy we  are!  We 
adopted TUNDRA on Valentine's day, from Apple Valley Petsmart. We were looking for
another friend for our other dog Cash, who was left by his best buddy whom
had to be put to sleep due to a very serious, untreatable illness at only a
year old. They instantly got along and were running and jumping and playing
like children! Which made us VERY HAPPY because Cash had been depressed and
would sit at the back door and whine and cry all day.
We just took Tundra camping with us this past weekend. EVERYBODY fell in
love with her. She had a most wonderful time and took her tennis ball to
everyone! She slept in the tent on our air mattress with us and joyfully woke the
kids up early to go out and start the day!
I wanted to especially let the man that seemed very attached to her and
slightly saddened that she was going, that she is doing WONDERFUL and is a
blessing to our home! She is very spoiled! Thank you again!
The Reedy's


Niko Hi all, Just wanted to let you know how Niko was...He is extremely spoiled and happy as anything. He's really catching on to training now. He knows sit, down, lay down, high five, up, shake paw, and of course, no, it's just up to him if he feels like listening to that one. He has definitely become my furry son, a momma's boy, and very loyal. He has amazing senses and better ears than us. A few weeks ago, we had gone outside for his evening walk and a coyote was standing in the yard across from us. Niko immediately went into a point position and insisted upon standing in front of me. If I tried to move around him, he would reposition himself in front of me. He did not chase the coyote, but rather growled and assumed a protective position in front of my daughter and I. I did not see the coyote at first, but quickly realized what he was so upset about. He rarely barks and never growls, but I now trust his instincts. He's such a good boy, I don't know what we'd do without him. He is 73 lbs. now and eats like a horse. He loves to run and play chasing balls and playing tug of war with his ropes. And of course, a cozy couch partner for movies. Oh, and he likes to share my popsicles...the orange ones. I'm attaching his Christmas pic. Take care, and thanks for all you do! Stephanie M. Thoth, Graphic Designer


Andy & Jenna


We just wanted to say "Thanks so much".

Andy pictured here with Jenna (Faith) are really happy together.


We are really one big happy family and Jenna even seems to be enjoying the snow we get here!


We wanted you to see their smiling faces - so here is their photo. - Dee



Jazzie & Gracie

Hello From Jazzie & Gracie,
Jazzie is one of the BMDR dogs that we adopted.

We got her when my neighbor died.


She was a member of our family too and loved our dogs so we took her in.


She is a joy to have and loves her dogsister and dogbrother.


Thanks for having these wonderful animals so they can bring love and devotion to us all.

- Nancy 


Thanks so much for all your help and helping us find Chloey

aka Twiggy, she's still bringing us lots of joy and amusement.

We've been taking Twiggy for car rides lately, and she really likes them.

As soon as it cools down a bit,

I plan to take her hiking and see how she likes that.

She continues to find the largest sticks she can and drag them all over the yard.

She's quite entertaining.

She's fond of waking up my daughter with kisses every

morning and seems to be adjusting well.

Thanks again for your help and for Twiggy. We sure do love that girl!


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